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Business Start ups

We have contributed to the success of startup businesses since our inception. And for years, we have learned a lot about our clients and about ourselves to ultimately become an accounting firm with a reputation for providing exceptional service to start up businesses and organizations.

Accounting is by far one of the most important aspects when looking to start and operate a successful business. Many aspiring business owners overlook the importance of accounting, yet the success of any business or organization usually falls back on the numbers. Ignoring basic financial matters can ultimately lead to the failure of any startup business. That is why choosing the right accounting firm is important when it comes to making confident financial decisions.

Methods of Accounting

There are two generally accepted accounting methods. These include cash and accrual accounting. Cash accounting is a method of bookkeeping in which income is considered earned when it is actually received and expenses are not taken into account until paid. Accrual accounting is the process of recording an expense when it occurs, rather than when it is paid.

Hiring an Accounting Professional

It would be wise to choose a professional accounting firm when looking to grow a business. Businesses that are looking to add employees or looking to make significant purchases for the business should seek expert financial and business consulting. We are experienced in working with a wide range of industries. By teaming with a professional accounting service firm that has extensive experience, knowledge and up-to-date information related specifically to your industry, you are uniquely positioned to create success and resolve challenges as they arise--not after they've become problematic.

If you are a startup company and need professional accounting services, contact us today. We serve businesses of all sizes as well as non-profits, government entities and individuals. We look forward to hearing from you and exceeding your expectations.

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