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Selling your Business

When selling your business, make sure you maximise the value.

There are several factors which will affect the price you achieve. We will work with you to prepare for a sale, and make the process as smooth as possible to ensure that you achieve the best price for your business.

Your exit plan – You need to make the decision to exit the business several years in advance. That way, all appropriate steps can be taken in good time.

Preparing for the sale – Your business will need to be prepared for sale. We will advise you how to make your business attractive to potential purchasers, and how to maximise its value.

Buyer research – We will undertake extensive research to identify suitable potential buyers for your business.

Negotiations – We will support you throughout the negotiation process. Including considering indicative offers, selecting preferred bidders and meeting with interested parties. We will also help you negotiate heads of terms.

Finalising the deal – Once you’ve identified a buyer, we will help you to complete the deal. We will oversee the due diligence process and work with your advisors to ensure that potential issues are quickly identified and resolved.

We support you through the sales process, and help you achieve the best value in selling your business. When you’ve decided to sell your business, you’ll naturally want to get the best price. We can advise you on what’s likely to affect your sale price – and help you take steps to achieve the most favourable figure. Most importantly, we do all we can to make selling your business as simple as possible, minimising the impact of the sale process on the business.

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