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Monthly Standing order

We always take care of our clients, that’s why we offer service of standing order. Thanks to it regular payments on accounts will be carried out in time and automatically, and you will not be involved in this process. Standing Order is an order given to the bank to carry out non-cash operations in automatic mode by means of automatic writing-off/pay-in transaction of fixed money amounts from your current/savings account in national currency to given account details.

Standing order activation is:

  • time saving – you needn’t visit bank as money transfer is carried out in automatic mode;
  • money saving – service activation is free of charge;
  • automatic mode – writing-off and pay-in transaction is carried out automatically;
  • deposit – possibility to make savings automatically at your savings account by means of regular pay-in transaction.
  • flexibility – you choose comfortable payment schedule.
  • Standing order Payment – is standing order for monthly transfer of given (fixed) by client money amount to certain account. Attention:
  • standing order is carried out only in national currency;
  • standing order is carried out only with fixed amount – partial standing order can’t be carried out;
  • standing order is carried out in certain day (is defined during standing order activation) monthly;

If there is no money on debit account as of the date of payment, transaction is not carried out. 4 days after the payment date system is trying to carry out payment, if required amount was not deposited at the account, payment is not carried out. Next payment will be carried out following month, but if your needs has changed you have an opportunity to change conditions of standing order (amount, date, account details etc).

  • Advantages of standing order usage:
  • Automatic guaranteed money transfer to given accounts of individuals.
  • Quick payment realization without visiting the bank (only one time – for service activation);
  • Regular payments realization
  • Opportunity to change amount, date, frequency, account details

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